Ashley McBryde’s ‘Made For This’ Series Kicks Off Second Season With Sentimental Episode, “Milestone Markers”

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Ashley McBryde

Season 2 is HERE.

As a huge fan of Ashley McBryde’s ‘Made For This’ YouTube series, I was stoked to see it would be returning for a season two, and today the first episode dropped.

The video series, created by McBryde’s drummer, follows the behind-the-scenes of being on the road. The first season followed Ashley and her team throughout their tour, talking about life on the road and the challenges and rewards that come with it.

The first season’s final episode told the vulnerable story of McBryde’s scary horseback riding accident that led to her taking some time off and sharing the importance of identifying when you need to take a break in this lifestyle.

The seven-month break between season one and the now start of season two carried a lot of milestones for McBryde and her band and crew, appropriately naming the opening episode “Milestone Medley.”

The twenty-minute episode follows McBryde and her team talking about all the significant milestones they have felt over the years and recent achievements that made them feel real deal in their book.

Of course, there were milestones among herself and the team that included playing The Grand Ole Opry, winning Grammy Awards, upgrading from a van to a bus, and being able to add musicians and crew to the team to enhance the show and make it more authentic to McBryde and her sound.

But then, in the latter half, when you become so big, you are sometimes hitting milestones you don’t even realize.

McBryde’s mandolin player, Chris Harris, said it best:

“It just dawned on me not too long ago; we sell out almost every show now, and they are much bigger venues than we used to be playing. 

It just kind of becomes an ordinary thing after a while; you forget that it’s really dope. Sometimes you don’t realize it until you step back and look at it as a whole.

Man, we really did some cool things and just became part of the job and the daily thing. But I think we should celebrate that more.”

I am a sucker for videos that uncover these kinds of feelings.

It puts the music industry into perspective that, yes, we have amazing artists today that we adore, but at the root, it reminds us they are people too. Their lives on the road might be unconventional, but the feelings are there that we all experience.

Like most of us have career goals, this is their career, and their goals are very much there.

‘Made For This’ removes some of the barriers between artists and fans sharing these vulnerable moments, and I love it so much.

I can’t wait to see what the rest of the season has in store.

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