Ashley McBryde’s ‘Made For This’ Video Series Is Behind The Scenes Gold

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Behind the scene videos are my kryptonite.

There is something about seeing the day-to-day of touring, hitting the studio, and just hearing off-the-cuff thoughts with artists that I love. It makes you appreciate an artist for who they are off the stage.

Today I found myself in a rabbit hole binge watching Ashley McBryde’s YouTube series, Made For This.

She is currently on her international tour, and her long-time band member, Quinn Hill, curated the idea to take her fans on the day-to-day basis of a musician along with insights about being a touring musician, the thoughts behind the music, and if they are ‘made for this.’

In the opening video for the series, McBryde is video getting glammed and was asked:

“Do you think the music business is for anyone who loves music?”

She says:

“Well, I want to say yes, because anyone that wants to work in the music industry should be working in the music industry.

The saying around midtown is, ‘This life ain’t for everybody,’ and that’s true… being on the road all the time does have an effect on you. I am lucky that I am made for this.”

This series is currently six episodes long, and each episode covers a different aspect of touring. From bus life, sound checks, venue access, and touring aboard.

Quinn Hill and McBryde are the primary characters in the videos, but you have the chance to hear from many other members of her team and band.

“Episode 1: Made For This”

This is a must-watch series if you are a fan of behind the scene clips or an Ashley McBryde fan. The videos are ten to twenty minutes long and so entertaining. I love hearing her insights about the tour and her view on music; it’s great.

The most recent episode, “Episode 6: Across The Pond Pt. 2”

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