Ashley McBryde Gets Vulnerable During ‘Made For This’ Episode 7: “Back In The Saddle”

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Ashley McBryde’s YouTube series ‘Made For This’ has recently been one of my favorite video series. She is deep diving into the good, the bad, and the ugly of touring and some of the stories of living life on the road.

This most recent episode shares a vulnerable story of a day that halted the tour.

While taking a day trip to ride horses when touring in Montana, the day took a turn for the worst.

The day before a show, McBryde and her team took her makeup artist on a beautiful scenic trail ride in honor of her birthday. As these were trail horses, they’ve seen it all are what we call in the horse industry “dead beat broke.” (i.e., you could probably shoot fireworks off their back, and they wouldn’t bat an eye)

However, because horses still have a mind of their own, they aren’t always picture-perfect. The group went cantering off, and McBryde’s horse was excited and took off with the herd.

Ashley McBryde had stirrups that were too long and did everything she could to “Woah” the animal. But physics took over, and she fell, leaving her unconscious.

McBryde and her team opened up about the severity of her injuries and how they affected the tour schedule.

Because of McByde’s resilience and determination, she did everything she could to not have to cancel tours.

She tearfully shares:

“This is what I DO. And, if I can’t do it, then I’m not really sure what I am.”

After hearing this story, there is no doubt that Ashley McBryde is made for this. She is strong as hell.

To hear the story and see McBryde’s determination check out the video and the rest of the series.

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