Tanner Usrey To Make His Grand Ole Opry Debut On August 2nd

Tanner Usrey country music
Tanner Usrey

Stepping into the historic Circle.

Tanner Usrey is one of the hottest up-and-coming names in country music right now, with the Texas native recently signing his first record deal with Atlantic Records.

Since then he’s been pumping out the new music, with songs like “Give It Some Time” and “Take Me Home” becoming instant fan favorites. And he’s been hitting the road hard, opening up for guys like Charles Wesley Godwin along with performing his own shows, while also scoring a spot opening for Dierks Bentley at the iconic Red Rocks Amphitheatre, as well as joining Shane Smith & the Saints at the Ryman Auditorium this fall.

So yeah, Tanner’s been on a hell of a run lately.

And that incredible momentum isn’t showing any signs of slowing down: Now, Tanner is set to make his Grand Ole Opry debut on August 2.

Speaking to Whiskey Riff, Tanner revealed how he found out that he would be stepping into the Opry circle for the first time:

“I was sitting in my truck about to head out for a hunting trip and I get a call from my team. Naturally, I thought I was in trouble because calls that start with, “Well…are you sitting down?’ don’t tend to be too good, but as soon as they told me, I had to pick my jaw up from the floor and remember to breathe!

A month or so before. I was in Nashville playing a show and had a meeting with the fine folks at the Opry to just make intros and talk shop. I played a few songs and we all hung out talking about musical influences, how life on the road is, new music, and everything else under the sun.

After the meeting, I kinda went on my merry way. Back to hitting the road, writing, recording, the usual until the day I got the call. It’s life-changing. That’s the only way I can put it. See y’all in the Circle!”

Can’t even imagine how it feels to get that call.

Playing the Grand Ole Opry is a milestone that many artists never get to achieve, and something that Tanner said he’s dreamed about for a long time but wasn’t sure would ever happen:

“Playing the Grand Ole Opry is something that I would dream about as a kid, something that I never thought I would be able to do. The boys and I have worked a long time, and worked hard as hell to get to this point.”

And he also had a message for the fans who have supported him along the way to make his dream a reality:

“I want to thank y’all for the continued support, and helping us make this happen. This is truly a milestone moment for us. And I can’t wait to stand in the circle.”

You’re not going to want to miss this one. I know I’ll be there for it when he finally steps into the circle on August 2.

Tanner Usrey Grand Ole Opry

And if you haven’t checked out his latest releases, you need to hear “Give It Some Time.”

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