Tanner Usrey Inks Deal With Atlantic Records, Drops New Single “Give It Some Time”

Tanner Usrey country music
Tanner Usrey

Tanner Usrey went and got himself a record deal.

According to Billboard, the Texas native has officially signed a deal with Atlantic Records, and he also dropped his major label debut single, “Give It Some Time.”

Of the new song, Tanner says he wrote it a year and a half ago with producer Beau Bedford, adding that it means a lot to him personally and he’s excited to have it as his first release with Atlantic:

“I started writing this song about a year and a half ago. It wasn’t one that came easy, by any means. I had the hook and a verse down when I went to start the record with Beau Bedford.

And we finished the song in an hour and recorded it later that day. It’s an anthem about change, holding on to the person you love, and riding out the storm, because things will get better with time.

This song means a lot to me, it’s one that I had to work at for a long time to write, and it’s our first single release with Atlantic, so I’m super excited about working together with this awesome team and seeing what we can accomplish together.”

It’s great to see someone like Tanner, who’s been touring and grinding it out for years now, taking the next big step in his career like this, and hopefully, that major label debut full-length record won’t follow too far behind.

Tanner is super talented, and has of course been putting out tons of good music on his own up until this point (like his SOL Sessions and Medicine Man EP’s), but of course, with a major label backing him now, will only continue to build a career off of the support of his solid fanbase down in Texas and beyond.

He has an incredible knack for writing and storytelling, unique vocals that deliver the songs with such authenticity, and a little bit of that rock production you often hear in the music coming out of Texas right now and that I personally really love.

This is certainly just the beginning for him, too, and I can’t wait to see where his career goes and hear that debut record hopefully sooner rather than later.

Make sure you check out the new music video for “Give It Some Time” while you’re here, too:

Tanner’s “The Light” was also featured in Yellowstone Season 4:

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