Stephen A. Smith Gives His Top Three Movies To Watch To Have “A Successful Night” With A Lady

Stephen A. Smith

What can Stephen A. Smith not do?

He’s incredibly knowledgeable on all things sports, hosts too many shows and podcasts to count, and is apparently now giving love advice via his program The Stephen A. Smith Show.

Man, I love the dead period of the year during the summer where sports are lacking and content creators are scrambling for talking points. Stephen A. could be talking baseball, but instead decided to take calls from viewers about pretty much anything.

One call that came in really got the attention of Smith, who seemed like he has been waiting to answer this question his entire life:

“Hey Stephen A, this is your boy Jake from Jacksonville, Florida. I got a dilemma. This girl wants to come over to my house to watch a movie on Friday, but I don’t know what movie to choose.

What would be your top three movies to have a successful night?”

Smith’s eyes immediately light up at the idea that this Florida man’s relationship now hangs in the balance of what three movies he will recommend.

He responds:

“That was very interesting question, damn. Well that depends on what you are trying to accomplish.”

In the clip linked below, the camera zooms in dramatically (and comically) as he slows down the end of that last sentence, implying and not leaving much to the imagination about what “trying to accomplish” means.

Stephen A. gathers himself, then says:

“So I’m going to think along myself, because, I mean, if you are with me I’m trying to accomplish some things.”

Based on some of the other stories I’ve covered with Stephen A. Smith he “loves to love” and is pretty open about it (see him commenting on swimsuits, breastmilk, and adult film stars). With this next part of the clip, Smith all of the sudden speaks like he’s doing a sports debate:

“I’m going to say Jerry Maguire. ‘You had me at hello.’ I’m going to say Love and Basketball. It’s a tie between Love and Basketball and Love Jones. So those are top three.”

Three pretty good choices from Stephen A., especially the Tom Cruise one (I’m a big Tom Cruise fan). But just in case those three weren’t good enough, Smith threw in an additional one at no extra cost:

“I’m (going to) throw a sleeper out at you, and I’m not sure about this, but it’s just a thought. Because I’ve watched it several times and I really, really love it.

Knight and Day. None of those four will fail you, but my first three is what I would go with if I were you.”

I am thinking he is referring to the 2010 action comedy movie with Tom Cruise and Cameron Diaz and not the 1946 musical film Night and Day about American songwriter and composer Cole Porter. The latter doesn’t sound like it would be up Stephen A’s alley, but the former does.

And hey, two of the four movies Smith recommended are Tom Cruise vehicles. The man loves sports and Tom Cruise movies, and can you blame him?

Check out the clip below for the full Stephen A. Smith effect:

A beer bottle on a dock



A beer bottle on a dock