ESPN’s Stephen A. Smith Gets To The Bottom Of Why Pro Athletes Date Adult Film Stars & Strippers

Stephen A SMith ESPN

Thank goodness we always have ESPN’s Stephen A. Smith to clear things up in the sports world.

If you are wondering why everyone’s favorite, charismatic sports analyst is giving his two cents about adult film stars and Instagram models, it all stems from a recent announcement from NBA player Zion Williamson.

Williamson took to social media to announce that he was having a baby, which triggered adult film star Moriah Mills to call out the former college basketball standout for sleeping with multiple women, including herself.

Since she found out about Williamson having a child with another woman, she has threatened to drop sex tapes, requested that Zion be traded from the Pelicans (as if she is an NBA GM), and has even had Zion’s name tattooed on her face.

You know, just normal relationship stuff.

And with all of that being said, Stephen A. Smith took to a microphone on The Stephen A. Smith Show and decided to try and get to the bottom of the million dollar question: why are NBA players and other pro-athletes getting together with adult film stars and Instagram models?

Stephen A. stated:

“There are people essentially asking the question as to why players date women of that ilk as opposed to women out there (that) are doing other professional things as opposed to be an adult film star or a stripper and all of this.

And the answer was, to me, was that men are visual creatures. We don’t give a damn what forum you are in, we covet what we see. And if we like what we see enough…”

At this point, the sports personality was scanning the studio around him and apparently didn’t like the body language emitting from his male co-workers.

Smith called them out, saying:

“Don’t abandon me fellas! Guys turning their heads being scared. Don’t desert me now. It’s the truth.”

We don’t get to see how the other men in the room respond to Stephen A. Smith, but one can assume that they all somewhat positively reacted to being called out.

The sports analyst then decides to bring in another podcast as a reference:

“But then a former NBA star, whose name happens to be Gilbert Arenas, (on) my man Patrick Beverley’s podcast talking about this subject, took a moment.”

Former NBA player Gilbert Arenas was a guest on The Pat Bev Podcast, and gave this theory on the matter:

“Think about the other sex that’s free between noon and damn 7 p.m. Strippers, Instagram models ain’t got s**t to do in life, right? All the sophisticated women at work.”

Stephen A. Smith then picks back up where he left off, stating:

“Now me, I don’t think that way. I want to state for the record, who am I to judge?

But the ladies in here, Ashley, Sumatra, Sherry, Laura, they say, not me, not the fellas. Just the ladies. They said ‘Gilbert Arenas has a point, because a true professional working woman is busy working.'”

I’m sure the Smith’s female co-workers enjoyed and appreciated the shoutout in the show.

He then wraps up the conversation by laying out a question to the audience:

“Do you agree with Gilbert Arenas, or don’t you? I don’t know, but the ladies told me I needed to care to present that question to y’all.”

The full clip from Stephen A’s adult film star tangent can be seen below:

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