ESPN’s Stephen A. Smith Gets Awkward Gushing Over Martha Stewart’s SI Swimsuit Cover: “There Is No Prime”

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Ruven Afanador/Sports Illustrated

What’s the only thing that’s more unexpected than 81-year-old Martha Stewart being announced as a Sports Illustrated swimsuit model? ESPN’s Stephen A. Smith weighing in on the matter might be pretty high up on the list.

On a recent episode of the Know Mercy Podcast with Stephen A. Smith, the decorated sports analyst got a little strange, both with his words and his voice, when discussing Martha Stewart on the cover of Sports Illustrated’s best selling issue.

Stephen A. states:

“81-year-old Martha Stewart is one of four swimsuit models gracing the cover of Sports Illustrated swimsuit issue. 81-years-old. 

Now I know y’all saying ‘what the hell is Stephen A. talking about something like that for?’ Well, it’s a simple reason.

Ladies, none of y’all are beyond your prime. All y’all got it going on, to each their own.

Now everybody got their own different taste. I have mine. People have theirs. I said I have my taste for a reason.”

The clip on Twitter then goes on to show Denver Broncos quarterback Russell Wilson’s wife Ciara, who was one of the cover models for last year’s swimsuit issue.

Stephen A. creepily continues:

“That would be one of them. Russell Wilson, I see why you smile a lot. She ain’t the only one though!”

I won’t quote the next part just because it’s basically just the longtime ESPN host salivating over a picture of Kim Kardashian. He then strangely moves on to when Elon Musk’s mother graced the cover of the magazine, saying:

“Elon Musk’s mother was on the cover of Sports Illustrated. She’s 75-years-old. You go on, mama. You go on with your bad self.”

Smith then gracefully concludes his thoughts on older women sporting swimsuits on the famous (and controversial) magazine cover:

“I’ve seen plenty of women in their fifties that look better than women in their twenties. I think it’s great that Martha Stewart and Mrs. Musk are gracing the same cover that Ciara and Kim Kardashian graced.

There is no prime. Everyone got their taste.”

Is this supposed to be an ESPN after dark type podcast? If so, they are nailing it. If not, someone at the corporate level must not have enough time to screen what Stephen A. is putting out there.

In Stephen A. Smith’s defense, he is on ESPN 23 hours out of the 24 hour day, every single day (or so it seems). They have him literally doing every single program underneath the ESPN umbrella, so I’ll cut him some slack since he’s having to talk non-stop in order to keep the sports company afloat.

Not in defense of Stephen A. Smith, his voice was a touch creepy as he worked through that clip above. He could’ve lightened up a bit on the raspiness and yearning that was clearly evident in his voice.

If you are brave enough to watch the entire excerpt from the Know Mercy with Stephen A. Smith podcast, I’ve got you covered with the link below:

Thankfully social media had my back on this one, and many users called out Stephen A. for being more than a little strange about the whole thing:

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