Stampeding Elephants Send Tourists Running For Their Lives

Elephant stampede
Susanta Nanda

Welcome to yet another edition of “Stop Trying To Get Close To Wild Animals.”

I read that like a gameshow audience shouting out each word at a time, did you? Now that I think about it, that seems like a decent idea for entertaining evening programming.

Get a bunch of clips of people near animals and have contestants guess if they get attacked, or if the interaction goes well. I’d watch it, but then again I came up with the idea, so I might be biased…

However, I know for a fact that we have plenty of tourists being morons (also called “Tourons”) as they try to get too close to wildlife, and it for some reason happens the most at Yellowstone National Park.

This clip is a little bit of a change of pace, with this one actually taking place somewhere in India. The video was tweeted out by Susanta Nanda, who works with the Indian Forest Service. Somehow they got their camera ready to roll when this hilarious and life-threatening situation unfolded.

The video picks up with three men running full sprint away from a thundering herd of elephants chasing them down a roadway. Apparently the three guys had tried to get close to them to take a selfie with some of the world’s largest wild animals.

The elephants didn’t take too kindly to the idea of posing for selfies and decided to chase selfie-takers down, or at least try to. As the three men as fast as they can, one of them actually falls down, solidifying that the horror movie trope where one person falls down and gets caught by the monster could be based on actual events.

The man looks back as he’s on the ground, seeing that he still has plenty of time to get back up and get away. It looks like these three selfie takers will live to see another day, and I’m sure they won’t be getting close to an elephant again anytime soon.

Susanta Nanda captioned the post with:

“For having a selfie, they not only do foolish things, but do them with enthusiasm…”

Boom, roasted.

Check it out:

Twitter users were shocked by the elephant chase down, but still managed to make jokes about it:

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