Cody Jinks Says New Album Is DONE And Coming In November

Cody Jinks country music
Jason Deramo


Cody Jinks revealed over on his Facebook page earlier that his new album is officially done, and it looks like it has a release date sometime in November:

“The new album is done. A November release sounds good.”

A November release sounds GREAT:

Cody Jinks country music

That is, quite literally, music to my ears…

One of the premiere artists in the independent country music scene, Cody is incredibly talented and has done everything completely on his own, proving that hard work and great music are all you really need to make it in this business.

He recently earned seven new RIAA Gold and Platinum certifications for many of his fan-favorite songs, which is only further proof of his reach and success as a modern-day outlaw, if you will:

It’s an unheard of accomplishment, as Jinks is the first independent artist in the modern era of country music to have a Platinum record, and he deserves every ounce of the praise he receives. No awards shows, no record labels, no late night shows… no nothing.

Just old fashioned hard work, actual talent, and great songs that connect with country music fans.

But sadly for Cody Jinks fans all over the world like me, it’s been quite a while since he released any new music. His last country album Mercy was released in 2021, and the last song he released was a one-off single and collaborative cover of “Nothing’s News” in 2022.

Cody also released his metal band Caned By Nod’s debut album, None The Wiser, in 2021.

So while we still have to wait on more specific details in terms of a title, tracklist, album cover and release date for this new project, we at least know that a new record will be out sometime this fall, and likely one or two singles will be out even before that.

November can’t get here soon enough…

“Nothing’s News”

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