Milwaukee Brewers’ Willy Adames Is Apparently A BIG Zach Bryan Guy

Milwaukee Brewers

It’s always great to see the country music industry and the sports world blend together, and thanks to a Milwaukee Brewers player being mic’d up yesterday, we now know that Zach Bryan’s fanbase reaches the Milwaukee, Wisconsin market.

How could you not like Zach Bryan? He’s bringing country music back to its roots, one heart-breaking, soulful song at a time.

I’d say that anyone and everyone that appreciates well-written country music is excited about his upcoming project, and turns out that the MLB team up in Milwaukee are Zach Bryan faithfuls.

Willy Adames, the shortstop for the Milwaukee Brewers, had a microphone on him all day for yesterday’s July 4th game. Baseball is one of the sports that is really moving forward with “mic’d up” moments, and doing posts like this one allow for fans to get to know their players more.

The clip posted to the Brewers showed the talented baseball player interacting with coaches, teammates, umpires, and throwing out a couple of “bros” here and there, where they were necessary.

However, the highlight of the video is when Adames interacts with a teammate of his named Christian Yelich. While the two were hanging out in the dugout, a Zach Bryan song plays over the stadium speakers. The clip picks up towards the back half of their conversation, with Yelich saying to Adames:

“I didn’t know you liked Zach Bryan dude.”

Adames seems almost offended that his fellow Brewer would say that, and after shaking his head in disappointment, responds with:

“That’s hilarious, bro…”

Yelich quickly rebuttals and states:

“I didn’t even know you knew who that was.”

Adames then hits Christian with one of the worst looks judgement the world has ever seen, and rightfully so.

The only thing worse than assuming someone doesn’t know Zach Bryan is actually not knowing Zach Bryan.

Take a look:

Milwaukee Brewers fans were overjoyed to know that they had a couple of Zach Bryan fans on their team, sending out replies to the tweet saying:

A beer bottle on a dock



A beer bottle on a dock