Kids Get A Lesson In Nature As Black Bear Chases Down Duckling That Got Into Its Enclosure At Seattle Zoo

bear duck

It gets the kids going…

But that’s life. Nature is a brutal beast.

Everything needs to eat and only the strong survive. And the truth is, you can take the animals out of the wild, but you cannot get all of the wild out of the animals.

Black bears are easily tamed animals. That’s because they are simple to understand: Give them food and they won’t hurt anything. But, they are still wild animals capable of ripping ya right open.

Bears are a popular inhabitant of zoos far and wide. They are funny, smart and playful creatures that grow fairly large. If well fed and in good conditions, they can actually grow to be 600 pound animals.

Those are large and strong animals though. These beasts can climb, rip and claw their way through anything in the wild.

They love to eat. Their whole life revolves around it. If there’s a bear that’s not fed, you will know it, because they are on the lookout for easy food. Whether its garbage, a dead animal, berries or some prey they can get their hands on while hunting, they make sure they are fed all of the time.

And it’s no different in a zoo, even though many folks would like to believe that was the case.

This bear at the Woodland Park Zoo in Seattle, Washington is seen with a massive crowd surrounding his enclosure, mostly kids.

The bear quickly takes notice of a passing duckling that entered the area with its mother duck – and the crowd quickly catches on to what is about to happen.

The bear seems surprised that the ducks are so stupid coming this close. But he gets over that and gobbles down the duckling as the children scream and plea for it to stop.

That’s getting an education…

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