Go Behind The Scenes Of Bella White’s Grand Ole Opry Debut

Bella White country music
YouTube/Grand Ole Opry

Bella White’s Grand Ole Opry debut has been one of my favorites this year.

While footage of her debut was available right after her performance, I patiently waited for her behind-the-scenes My Opry Debut video to drop. Thankfully, the time has come.

Being able to take the stage and give a stellar Opry debut is the goal of anyone who stands in the circle, but listening to the interview portion of these young stars is one of my favorite things to watch. While everyone’s emotions and adrenaline run high during this day, chatting and learning more about inspirations and how they got there is so interesting to me.

The Canadian-born Americana/folk singer and songwriter had the perfect upbringing to excel in this space.

“My dad was born in Lynchburg, Virginia, and he lived in the Carolinas on and off. He was in a bluegrass band and a family band with his sister, and he was learning the banjo and guitar and was always singing songs. So, always having him around singing Flatt and Scruggs and The Stanley Brothers…

Alberta, too, also has a rich music history. You know, it’s the prairies, flatlands, so there is a lot of cowboy music there…there’s the Calgary Stampede, so there is this through line that feels kind of meaningful to me.

I feel like Western music and bluegrass music, there are many connections there.”

White then discloses that she decided that by sixteen, she was set on trying to make music work as her career. And she also shared the undeniable fact that her dad’s upbringing influenced her sound, but also, the bluegrass community drew her to the sound.

She notes that sitting around a fire sharing music feels like magic to her, and being able to share that with others is what draws her to the storytelling music she writes.

She then touches on her unique style of songwriting.

“I kind of like to think there are two styles of songwriting that I toe between.

One of them is storytelling, and the other is feelings-telling.”

She then shares that “Break My Heart” (which she performed that evening) is more of a feelings-based song and addresses feelings of abandonment that you feel during a breakup.

You can hear the feelings she was experiencing in the words she sings that almost pose as an internal monolog.

“Having my Opry debut means so much to me. I think it’s very hard to put it into words. Growing up admiring Emmylou Harris, Loretta Lynn, Dolly, and all of these women, it feels as though I’m walking among the greats.

It’s very special.”

I have a feeling Bella White could be among those greats one day if she continues on her track.


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