Watch Bella White’s Stunning Grand Ole Opry Debut

Bella White country music

I have been waiting patiently for this video footage to come out.

Bella White, one of my favorite up-and-coming folk artists, took the stage at the end of April for her Opry Debut.

If you have not heard of Bella White, pause here, listen to a few tracks off Among Other Things, then come back so you can appreciate the talent of this young artist. Highly recommend the full listen-through, but any few songs will suffice.

Okay, once you’ve done that, pick right back up here.

White had an action-packed few weeks, with her debut occurring nearly instantly after her album release. Dream timing… no better way to promote.

“Some sweet moments from the past week! Album release and Opry times.

I feel so lucky to be sharing these special moments with such special people.”

She took to Instagram to share after she graced the circle on the historic stage.

“You are all going to be a part of a little Opry history right now. She’s a twenty-two-year-old Canadian singer, songwriter, and multi-instrumentalist. 

She will be playing festivals throughout the U.S. and then heading over to Europe this summer. Her new album, Among Other Things, was released just a few days ago on Rounder Records.

She is making her Grand Ole Opry debut. Will you welcome Bella White.”

The crowd was loud with excitement as she was introduced to the stage.

White opened her set with her honky tonk heartbreaker, “Break My Heart,” sounding vocally flawless. After her opening number, she took a few moments to acknowledge how exciting this moment was and that she was trying to process the surreal experience.

She then performs a near-flawless cover of Connie Smith’s “Once A Day.”

“Since we are here at the Opry, I’d figure I play one of my favorite country songs for you. I believe this has been played probably a million times on this stage. 

And I think that I’m going to make it a million and one.” 

I cannot get enough of Bella White’s unique sound and masterful songwriting.

We hope to see her grace this stage many more times in her career, and she knocked this debut out of the park.

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