Cougar Chokes Out A Big Ol’ Buck Right On Someone’s Back Step


Imagine walking out back and seeing that…

I would be keeping the dog a little closer after that.

What a beast of an animal. Cougars are straight up killers, who strike hard and fast… straight for the kill.

Cougars massive wild cats that can weigh up to 200 pounds and measure 8 feet nose to tail.

They are muscular animals that hunt for a living. They use their powerful bite and sharp claws to take down their prey. But their speed of up to 50 miles per hour and a 40 foot jump is what really makes them successful.

Their prey often don’t even know they are there until it is well to late.

Cougars’ favorite meal is deer, white-tailed deer in particular. They are a great meal size for them and also don’t have as much fight as other animals.

They say follow the deer and you will find a cougar.

This guy had an up close and personal view of just that…

Right in the back yard on the door step a cougar is seen holding a deer down by its throat.

The cougar bites as hard as it can as the buck takes its last breaths.

These cats are hunting machines…

Taking down nicer deer than most people can and doing right in the yard to show us.

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