The Rock Gets Blasted By Animal Activists For Fishing… In His Own Pond

The Rock fishing
The Rock

Oh, here we go…

Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson is a legendary professional wrestler, a world-renowned actor, a tequila enthusiast, country music fan, and believe it or not, quite the bass fisherman.

Yep, when The Rock isn’t crushing it at the box office, he’s out hammering monster largies on his pond.

But that’s what being one of the highest grossing actors in the world will get you… a perfectly maintained and managed private pond chock full of absolutely massive largemouth bass just waiting for you to walk down there and drop in a line.

Meanwhile I’m pulling dinks out of my overcrowded local lake in a kayak, hoping some bozo on jet ski doesn’t run me over… we are not the same.

Anyways, The Rock share some details about this catch and the pond he has on his property:

“She destroyed my lure and took it straight to pound town.

Fishing (and enjoying my land) is my favorite thing to do. Fishing let’s me slow down from the craziness of life. I have a few properties with acres of water, where I stock and raise fish.

Largemouth bass, stripers, trout, sunfish, etc.

I also have big, ugly, pissed off snapping turtles that’ll bite your fingers off so be careful.

For 15+ years now I’ve worked closely with lake management science teams to create the most optimal ecosystem for the fish to thrive. Learned a lot. Cool stuff.

I don’t eat ‘em, I always put ‘em back.

Yup, I usually get in the water to help the fish with their lactic acid build up in their muscles (just like humans after a hard workout) so I can help ease oxygen back into their gills.”

The Rock shares his catches on Instagram pretty regularly, but this latest one got quite the attention… from the always endearing animal activists who couldn’t wait to blast him for “torturing” fish.

Here’s a quick look at the comments:

“I love the Rock… however stock the lake and let them live. Hook in them is not humane even though you let them go.”

“Please don’t do this…. become a vegetarian.”

“Stop hurting the fish please.”

“A sport that entails injuring and bleeding an animal is outdated.”

“The fish was innocently swimming in its own environment and you say it destroyed your lure?”

“Well, something about this method is f*cked up.. why would you kill the small fish and let the big live.”

(Guy never seen a lure before?)

“You humiliate the fish.”

“Can you imagine how scared it was.”

“I know people eat fish, I do to sometimes but seeing him been hooked is a bit too much.”

“Just rip its face open then throw it back, seems legit.”

“Poor fishy. I hate fishing…. Cruel to the fish.”

“All that muscle for what bro?”

“I honestly don’t get “fishing” if we are just to put the fish back. It is unnecessary suffering for the fish.”

And it just kinda goes on and on and on like that…

But hey, something tells me The Rock couldn’t care less.

I mean, look at some of these beauties:

“My sanctuary”

“So good to get away to my farm this past weekend to decompress, take mental inventory and of course – spend time with my babies.

I’ve been raising my fish for over a decade now – largemouth bass, stripped bass, trout, carp, sunfish etc. Work closely with a great team of university biologists ensuring a thriving ecosystem for the fish to live.

All my fish are fat, healthy, happy and AGGRESSIVE TO EAT – like their owner.”

“Their smiles say it all – thank God cos lil’ kids can get traumatized when they see a fish being pulled from the water for the first time…

Not my girls.”

A beer bottle on a dock



A beer bottle on a dock