Merle Haggard Perfectly Imitates Marty Robbins, Johnny Cash And More On ‘The Glen Campbell Goodtime Hour’ Back In 1972

Merle Haggard Johnny Cash
YouTube/The Glen Campbell Goodtime Hour

Impersonating some of the greats.

Merle Haggard is a talent in his own respect but is also a grade-A impersonator.

In 1972, Haggard appeared on The Glen Campbell Goodtime Hour, and the two had some fun mimicking the sound of their peers, Marty Robbins, Hank Snow, Buck Owens, and Johnny Cash.

Haggard starts with Marty Robbins and effortlessly delivers a lick from “Devil Woman,” sounding nearly identical to the silky smooth voice of Robbins.

Next, he does Hank Snow, killing it again.

After that, Glen Campbell begs him to go into Buck Owens, and Merle Haggard hilariously stikes into a pose the Owens would often sport while on stage. Buck Owens then comes out from the side stage, surprises Haggard, and joins in on the song.

They finish up the bit from the show with Johnny Cash.

“He’d kill me. I’ll tell you what you keep an eye out for me.”

Haggard says as Buck Owens begs him to do the impression. He strikes into song and even plays his guitar the unique way Cash does by strumming on the guitar’s neck.

Of course, Cash then walks out on stage, making Haggard laugh and joining him in song.

Glen Campbell said at the beginning of the bit that Haggard does some of the best impressions in country music, which is very accurate. It’s impressive how Merle Haggard can adapt his voice to nearly match each artist and mimic their stage presence.

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