Muscadine Bloodline Says There Won’t Be More ‘Teenage Angst’ On The Way Anytime Soon

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Just a couple weeks ago Muscadine Bloodline dropped their EP Teenage Angst which is a four-song covers project full of punk rock songs that inspired their formative teenage years.

But just a few week prior to that, the duo shared that their next album was done being written which had no correlation to the Teenage Angst EP.

Lucky for me, I had the opportunity to ask Gary Stanton and Charlie Muncaster, the Alabama duo themselves, a couple questions about whether this EP would eventually turn into their next full album or if there was new, original music to come inspired by the alternative scene.

And while I was hoping for a strong yes, understandably the two explained why the answer is no…

@whiskeyriff Them boys. @Muscadine Bloodline 🎥 : @Axel Mikiel ♬ original sound – Whiskey Riff

“Conceptually and sonically we’re not making like punk songs if you will. I mean, we know people love that, but we’re not like the next punk emo band.

We wanted it to be a cool project but we don’t want to be known for it.”

Gary adds:

“Another thing about being independent is we can do whatever we want.

But I think right now we’re in the mindset that instead of doubling down on it and doing another one, it’s like let’s just let this be cool and move on.”

So it look likes Teenage Angst will have to be cherished as the masterpiece it is. But with the new album being finished and them reinforcing that the punk rock music scene has been so influential to them, along with country music, I am more more excited than ever for their next project.

Be sure to listen to our highlight of Teenage Dixie and Teenage Angst which can be found on Whiskey Riff’s 2023 Country playlist.

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