King Cobra Looses Battle To Much Smaller Python

Cobra fights python
Diaz Borneo

Down for the count.

Nature is brutal. Even the larger animals fall sometimes.

Snakes are some of the craziest creatures out there, slithering around and being highly able to fight and take out prey.

King Cobras are a well-known snake throughout the world for being the largest venomous snake, measuring up to 13 feet. They are highly venomous and ambush their prey to take them out quickly.

They are known for their aggressive look when the put out their hood in an attempt to farther intimidate. Let me tell you, it works for me.

Pythons can grow large and are also known throughout the world for strangling their prey. The constrict their prey wrapping around them and cutting off circulation. These snakes can grow massive, over 20 feet long, allowing them to takedown large prey too.

They even can take out and eat animals larger than themselves.

This smaller python had no trouble taking out the much larger cobra.

Both dangerous snakes but the much smaller one took the upper hand as it is seen tightly wrapped around the head of the cobra.

Nature is crazy.

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