Surfer Gets Impaled Through The Nose By A… Fish?

Surfer nose
9 News Australia

It’s all fun and games until you get speared in the nose by a garfish.

I mean seriously, what are the odds of this?

I’ll admit, I’m not great when it comes to statistics, but I’ve got a feeling that you have better odds of getting struck by lightning than to get speared in the nose by a creature like this.

However, this rare circumstance became a reality for one surfer.

According to Perth Now, Steve Kezic of Australia was sitting on his surfboard when he felt something slap him in the face out of nowhere. At first, he believed it was one of his fellow surfing buddies messing with him, until he noticed there was blood dripping from his face. That’s when he realized…

A one foot long garfish literally jumped from the water and impaled him in the nose, before the fish’s beak broke off.

And since the beak fell off, you know where it ended up?

Stuck in Kezic’s nose.

He told the outlet:

“At first, I thought it was the boys throwing some seaweed around, as we tend to do that for a laugh. But a moment later I realized there was a fish in my face.”

The coach from the Playground Surf Resort witnessed the wild scene, and rushed to Kezic’s aid:

“The coach noticed it before I did. He was kind of looking at me, and I was confused… and then I realized.”

He began to freak out when he got to shore, because he didn’t know where the nearest hospital was. Luckily, one of  the surfers in the group was a doctor and set up a surgery station on a table on an outside deck at the resort.

Dr. Kyle Kophamel removed he beak and was able to insert three stiches in about 45 minutes.

Kezic continued:

“I was incredibly lucky. It felt like one of those up-to-the-gods chance events.”

Could’ve lost an eye, mate… be safe out there.


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