Reba Attempting To Explain What Rocky Mountain Oysters Are In 1982 Is Interview Gold

Reba McEntire country music

Reba’s laugh during this interview clip is beyond contagious.

Back in 1982, Reba McEntire sat down for a Miller & Company interview, and one of the questions she was asked was about pertained to fueling your body while on the road.

It’s not a secret even today… living on the road can lead to a less than nutritious diet. I mean, booze, poor sleep and late night Taco Bell isn’t exactly the trifecta of optimum health.

After chatting for a quick second about the fair food Reba and her crew were often eating, the interviewer then asked Reba what she enjoys cooking at home.

“My specialty is mountain oysters, and I cook baked beans really well.”

The interviewer then notes he is not familiar with what mountain oysters are, so Reba renames the delicacy to “lamb fries,” which also was a miss for the interviewer.

Reba then goes:

“Uhh… I’ll tell you later.”

Right after this, laughter begins to erupt throughout the studio, with the mics even picking up some of the laughter from the team back in the control room. She can’t get through a thought without giggling, and even though she is trying to keep her composure, she is laughing so hard tears started streaming down her face.

If you aren’t familiar with what mountain oysters, calf fries, lamb fries, or whatever they are called in your neck of the woods are… it’s fried bull testicles.

That is when the best moment from this clip plays out.

The interviewer then asks Reba if she tells people what mountain oysters are before she serves them to guests she’s hosting.

She loses her composure once again, saying:

“No, we tell them it’s fish.” 

Reba’s Oklahoma roots were showing in this interview, and I am here for it. I can guarantee you won’t make it through this video without a smile or giggle.

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