Morgan Wade Reveals She Has Tourette Syndrome: “Just Think Before You Judge”

Morgan Wade country music
Erika Goldring/Getty Images

Morgan Wade took to Instagram today with a personal message for anybody who judges her for shaking her head or the faces that she makes: It’s because she has Tourette Syndrome.

The singer made the confession in a short but sweet post:

“Keeping this short and sweet- if you see me shaking my head a lot I have Tourette’s. Some folks genuinely ask- others like to troll me, is what it is. I make weird faces and noises sometimes and my head shakes. So just think before you judge.”

Tourette Syndrome is stereotyped in pop culture as a condition that makes people blurt out offensive words at inappropriate times, but in reality the condition of the nervous system causes people to have any number of “tics,” or sudden twitches or sounds, that they can’t control.

Obviously the condition hasn’t really kept Morgan from becoming a certified star. She just got her first gold record for her hit “Wilder Days” from her incredible debut album Reckless, and is gearing up to drop her sophomore album Psychopath on August 25.

But Morgan says that people troll her with questions about her tics, and that’s why she decided to be open and honest about her life with Tourette’s.

Of course Morgan doesn’t owe anybody an explanation, especially if it’s something she was hoping to keep private, but the internet can be a cesspool of the worst kind of people just hiding behind a keyboard trying to bring others down.

Good for Morgan for standing up for herself – but would you expect anything less from a badass like her?

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