NASCAR Fans Sound Off After Learning A Six-Pack Of Busch Light Will Cost $63 At Chicago Street Race This Weekend

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If you want to buy beers at the NASCAR Cup Series street race in downtown Chicago this weekend, it’s gonna cost ya.

Of course, if you attend sporting events on a regular or even semi-regular basis, then you know just how expensive it is to buy anything there.

Tickets are expensive, food is expensive, and buying alcohol is usually downright outrageous.

But if you’re like me, you drink as much as you can while tailgating before the event, swear you’re not gonna buy a $15 beer inside the stadium, and usually end up doing it anyways.

And with the NASCAR Cup Series headed to the Windy City for the big race on Sunday (and shutting down major streets and busy areas weeks in advance while they’re at it), this fourth of July event has definitely rubbed plenty of fans and Chicago residents the wrong way, so to speak.

A fan actually shared a picture of one of the beer tents already set up for the two-day race and music festival (which includes a headlining performance by Miranda Lambert), which shows that a six-pack of Busch Light or Michelob Ultra will cost $10.50 for one beer, which is pretty standard for a sporting event, but will cost a whopping $63 for a six-pack.

I mean, that is just beyond insane, and I can’t imagine many people will be shelling out that much for six beers, purely based on principle.

I’m ashamed to admit I’ve even paid $20 for a mixed drink at an event like this, but something about $63 for six beers just sits wrong… you don’t even get a discount for buying more, which feels even more backwards.

But hey, if you like Dasani brand water, that’s your cheapest option at $3.95 a bottle:

And of course, Twitter had field day with the responses to the crazy pricing, with the fan who posted the photo saying everyone should smuggle their own beer into the race, in the spirit of NASCAR’s bootlegging roots.

Do it for Dale, amirite?

You can see more of what fans are saying below.

And if you don’t like Dasani either and plan to catch the race in-person this weekend, good luck to ya…

A beer bottle on a dock



A beer bottle on a dock