Man Shows How To Pick Up A Porcupine Without Getting Stabbed

Porcupine pick up

No, thank you.

Regardless, I do not even want to risk it with these spiky buggers.

Sure, they are one of the coolest animals in the woods, but there’s no way I want to risk getting a dozen quills stuck in me.

Porcupines are slow moving animals that weigh about 12 pounds on average. They are the perfect meal size for many predators and would be easy to catch.

But they have one of the best defenses in the wild… a whole bunch of quills that are sharp and barbed.

When they stab the intruder, the stick in through the skin and get stuck there. They can have as many as 30,000 quills sticking out of their body in defense. Naturally, people should just stay away from them unless absolutely necessary. Though they pose no danger unless touched.

Until now, that’s what I thought at least. Never would I think a porcupine could be picked up with ease and no harm.

But this guy showed us all how to do it.

The man shows how to flip a porcupine over on its back, exposing the belly and feet that lack the quills.

He then grabs it by the foot and shows how you can actually pick them up and move them without getting stabbed.

The things you learn…

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