Tom Segura Says Garth Brooks Finally Blocked Him On Instagram And Doesn’t Like The Serial Killer Jokes

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It sounds like Garth Brooks is not a fan of comedian Tom Segura.

And that’s really not that shocking, as there has been a very long-running joke on the internet for years now that Garth is serial killer, which was instigated by Segura, and is evidenced by the plethora of comments from fans every time Garth posts a cringy video to social media to this day (full backstory here).

Over the years, Segura has hilariously discussed the intriguing conspiracy a number of times on his podcast, which is also partially why the joke hasn’t quit online. It’s also flat out hilarious and never not funny, in my humble opinion.

And for a couple years, Segura was somehow actually not blocked by Garth on Instagram, but was just “restricted,” even though most of the comments he gets on any post are asking where the bodies are thanks to Tom.

Segura confirmed today on comedian Theo Von’s This Past Weekend podcast that the day finally came recently, and he has officially been blocked by Garth on the gram:

“First I got word about a year ago from a 100% reliable source… I was like, ‘Does he know?’ And they’re like ‘Oh yeah, yeah. He knows.’ And I was like, ‘Is he upset?’

And they’re like, ‘He just doesn’t get it. Doesn’t know why you’re talking about him. I was like, ‘Okay.’

And then recently… he just blocked me on Instagram. And I was like, oh, he finally blocked me.”

And not only that, but G has some serious disdain for Tom (which I can understand at this point to a certain degree), as Tom told Theo that he heard that every time his name comes up in conversation, Garth will pull out the famous video of Segura taking a nasty fall playing basketball and tell them it’s “karma” for everything Tom has said about him.

It kinda feels a little bit out of character for Garth, who always comes across super likable and kind, but I guess he’s simply had enough:

“And another person told me, this person said to me that they heard from a reliable source that when my name comes up to him, that he on his phone shows the video of me playing basketball and falling, and he goes, ‘Karma.’

I was like, that’s fuckin’, pretty amazing. That a serial killer is finding it in their heart to say ‘Karma’ to the other person.

This man has, I mean, people are saying this man is responsible for hundreds of missing people and he’s gonna say that it’s karma?”

I mean, I love Garth as an artist, but that’s pretty damn hysterical…

Here’s the basketball video real quick too:

Theo also brought up that he’s seen people line up Garth’s tour dates with missing people reports in towns all over the country, only fueling the jokes, to which Tom continued:

“That’s the premise of this idea. People are saying that I’m trolling the guy, all I’m doing is repeating what I’ve heard that allegedly, his tour schedule aligns with dozens of missing persons.

It’s just something that, like, at least you would bring up to talk about. It’s like, why do people talk about UFO’s?”

He’s got a point… the families need and deserve closure.

You can watch their whole conversation about it below, and it is well-worth your time to do so (also, check out the article they pull up during the conversation):

And if you’ve never seen the hilarious Facebook intro that started it all… just do yourself a favor and click the “play” button…

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