Watch Chris Stapleton Sing A Sweet Little Love Song To His Wife Morgane During The Band Introductions

Chris Stapleton country music

The ultimate power couple in country music.

Chris and  Morgane Stapleton are still love birds after fifteen years of marriage and, musically, are also very compatible. As Morgane is the only backup singer and does all the supporting vocals in the studio, it’s safe to say that she is the leading lady in his life.

The couple’s love story is rooted in music, making it fitting that they hit the road together now as a couple. While working at a publishing company, Morgane met her husband and later admitted that she would be a little slower leaving the partnership events that Chris was attending, trying to catch his eye.

Clearly, his eye was caught because even today, he remains fixated on her throughout their sets on stage.

After their show in Des Moines, Iowa, clips of Chris singing an impromptu love song to Morgane during the band introductions will warm your heart. If you’ve ever seen a Chris Stapleton show, you know he does his band introductions during the smash hit “Tennessee Whiskey,” and while I’m not entirely sure how much of this is straight off the dome every night, it’s always a little been a bit different.

But Morgane’s introduction is always the best.

Listen as Chris sings some tender words to the crowd:

“This is my lady; she also happens to be my wife

The mother of our five children. She comes from Georgia.

Honey, I’m so in love with you.”

The crowd is swooning during the verse, and Morgane and Chris and locked in on each other, just beaming.

@madysongomezz I just love them so much #fyp #chrisstapleton #chrisstapletontour ♬ original sound – Maddawg

The epic love songs ring true in the couple’s relationship from her red carpet statement from 2019, noting:

“Yeah, we stay pregnant… so it feels good.”


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