Mike Ryan Sends “Loser” Off His 2022 Album ‘Longcut’ To Country Radio

Mike Ryan country music
Nate Stibolt

Coming to a radio station near you.

Mike Ryan announced today that he is taking his song “Loser” from his 2022 album Longcut to country music radio as a single.

The critically acclaimed album is Ryan’s fourth studio album, filled with masterful songwriting and melodies that capture the essential sound of country music.

The San Antonio native has an extensive following in the Texas and Oklahoma scene but, in recent years, has gained traction from fans outside of that. Ryan made his Grand Ole Opry debut last fall and has opened for big names such as Morgan Wallen and Miranda Lambert, rocket-launching his sound to a larger audience.

“Loser” is the perfect choice from this album to send to country music radio. The catchy beat will have you nodding your head along, and the wordplay from the title into the chorus is just fantastic:

“You don’t really know how it feelsTo be a loserUntil you lose her…”

The single is co-written by Hillary Lindsey, Gordie Sampson, and Colin Elmore. Mike Ryan shares that he fell in love with this track the first time he heard Lindsey’s voice on the demo.

“When I heard Hillary Lindsey singing this song, her voice was just absolutely amazing! I was captivated. It was a different kind of feel and a different direction than I’ve gone before in songs, so I wanted to take a chance on it because it was really interesting to me.

It’s a strong lyrically-driven song, and I fell in love with the melody instantly.” 

The single carries a much airier melody than his traditional honky tonk boot stomping sound, but it works with his voice effortlessly.

Get ready for summer nights driving down backroads with the window down, having this tune playing over your local station.

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