Josh Meloy Is Officially Done Writing His New Album

Josh Meloy country music
Josh Meloy

Buckle up… we have a new  Josh Meloy album on the way.

In January, Meloy tweeted that he was working on an album and promised his fans we’d get one by the year’s end.

Along with the tweet, he also shared a clip of a song titled “Backroad,” which I hope will appear on the tracklist.

Well, folks, I think that day is coming sooner than we think.

Last night, Meloy took to Instagram to share a reel announcing that the album is complete… let the countdown to a release date begin.

“Officially done writing the new album as of today.”

He also shared a clip of a track that will more than likely appear on the album.

The lyrics talk about missing family while being on the road. The grit in Meloy’s voice, delivering the lyrics while sitting in a truck, packs a powerful punch about the hardships of life on the road.

Beyond excited to hear what this album holds.

Check out some other Easter eggs Meloy has been placing in his feed of other songs that could appear on the album.

“Killin’ Me Inside”

“Countin’ On Me”


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