Illinois Man On Rampage Smashes Cars, Throws Rocks At Homes, & Promptly Gets Run OVER By A Golf Cart In Most Chaotic Video Of All Time

Quad Cities man
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Not all heroes wear capes…

Sometimes, they come flying in on a golf cart.

You have to love a good ol’ fashioned citizen’s arrest, especially when you’re dealing with a lunatic that is doing something very illegal.

And we have the perfect example of that, and this time, it comes out of the Quad Cities, specifically, Moline, Illinois.

According to 97x, everything kickstarted when a man went off the rails, and started throwing rocks at people’s property in a residential area near North Shore Drive along the Rock River.

Apparently there were car windshields being broken, sliding glass doors, and more. The outlet also states that the man started his rampage at the IBEW Union building, where he knocked over a motorcycle, tried to tear a door off a car, and threw rocks at other vehicles.

Disgruntled electrician? Maybe…

Drunk off his ass? Probably…

The vehicle with the damaged door will reportedly cost $4,500 to fix.

This is where the video footage comes in. Next thing you know the rogue lunatic proceeded to walk up to someone’s house, pick up a large rock that was laying along the ground, and began to throw it at one of the windows multiple times, shattering the glass, all while people in the background were telling him to stop.

So, one neighbor had enough, and decided to put a stop to the madness by himself…

And I mean taking his golf cart, going full speed at the guy, and running him over, and parking the cart right on top of him so he couldn’t get away.

You can hear the culprit yelling from underneath the cart:

“I’m sorry bro, I’m sorry!”

Police then arrived to the scene, and arrested the man after he was removed safely from the cart by the local fire department.

Man, was it really worth it my guy? I highly doubt it.

I don’t know if I’ve seen a more chaotic video in all my years of browsing the interwebs… you be the judge.

The man has since been identified as 31 year old Oliver Vanderlinden, who has been arrested before for burglarizing a Walgreens.

Here’s the ol’ mugshot from Ollie, a 6-foot, 6-inch, 240 pound behemoth of a man… seems like that size will come in handy while he’s in jail.

Scott County Jail
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