Deer With Deformed Neck Looks Straight Out Of ‘The Exorcist’

Deer with bad neck
Nature Is Metal

This is The Exorcist in real life… except this time, the demon possessed a deer.

Video footage has surfaced of a guy approaching a deer along a gravel road right after sunset.

Once the videographer whistles the deer over, it takes off in the opposite direction and then comes charging back past him, and darts off into the tall weeds.

Then things start to get weird…

Out of nowhere, a second deer pops up from the brush, except this is no normal deer.

This deer’s neck is so severely bent, it’s almost looking back at the camera from an upside down perspective.

Now… I have absolutely no clue on this one.

It could be a severe injury, or a deformity the creature has suffered from since birth.

One would think that there’s no chance this deer could still be alive with an injury or deformity this severe, but sure enough, it appears to be thriving as well as its buddy that took off into the weeds earlier in the video.

Needless to say, a number of people ruled the comment section on this one:

“Giving that look when he heard how much gas was.”

“Holding his phone with his shoulder. Happens to me all the time.”

“Visited a chiropractor who had a coupon in the newspaper.”

“Slept on the wrong side of the bed…”

“How nobody said a single ‘what the f*ck’ is what puzzles me the most.”

One commenter gave the best possible explanation:

“Broke its neck on something but it was a stable fracture. The animal didn’t sever the spinal cord and because nature is amazing it was able to heal that way. Either that or a birth defect.”

Birth defect seem most likely, but damn…

That being said, deer are extremely resilient, able to survive some of the harshest conditions, while constantly running from the threat of predators, hunters, disease, starvation, and even traffic. It’s pretty incredible what they can withstand.

For example, take this Illinois buck (who possibly got caught in a combine) was still walking around with this massive wound.

And even this buck, that has a broken skull and dangling antler, but was still pushing:

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