Blackberry Smoke’s Charlie Starr & Billy Strings Share Killer Duet Of “I’m Here To Get My Baby Out Of Jail”

Billy Strings country music
Ryman Auditorium/Blackberry Smoke

From the 2020 archives.

So much great music was filmed while the world was shut down that is now coming to light.

One is a live stream that the Ryman held, with no audience…

Billy Strings teamed up with the lead singer of  Blackberry Smoke, Charlie Starr, to play a little bluegrass. The session was filmed in an empty Ryman Auditorium, giving the feel of the session a spooky yet captivating feel.

The dark setting, with only the light creeping through the stained glass windows, sets the tone for the cover of “I’m Here To Get My Baby Out Of Jail.”

The pleading tune tells the story of a man trying to barter with the warden to get his lady out of jail.

“God bless Billy Strings; he has taken bluegrass music into arenas. We tipped our hats to Red Allen and Frank Wakefield a while back at the Ryman.”

Starr shared on Instagram.

Written by Karl Davis and Harty Taylor, they first recorded it in 1934 accompanied by the Cumberland Ridge Runners. The classic bluegrass song was also released in 1958 by the Everly Brothers, as well as Red Allen and Frank Wakefield in 1964.

Many artists, including Hank Snow, Porter Wagoner, and Marty Robbins have since covered the tune. Even Johnny Cash performed it (and recorded it) at Folsom Prison, however, Cash’s classic country cover doesn’t come close to a cover of the song that keeps the traditional bluegrass roots.

Strings and Starr deliver a killer rendition of this tune with their smooth vocals blending together seamlessly… a perfect harmony.

During the pandemic, many artists were teaming up for musical events that might not usually cross your mind, and this one is killer. Strings with the entire Blackberry Smoke crew can potentially make some killer music.

I would love to see this relationship lead to some studio time.

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