Billy Strings Debuts New Song “Be Your Man” In Cleveland, Ohio

Billy Strings country music
Doug Heck

I often have similar thoughts about Zach Bryan and Billy Strings… do they ever slow down?

For Bryan, it’s songwriting; for Strings, it’s the fact that this man is always on the road. He is rarely at home, and Billy Strings never half-asses a show.

His fingers are nonstop for typically two to three hours, playing his originals that fans know and love, along with killer covers. He has brought bluegrass to the forefront of country music and does not plan to slow down in sharing his love for the genre.

“O-HIIII-O! We love ya!”

The artist shared after his Cleveland, Ohio show at Jacob’s Pavilion.

During this stop of his never-ending tour, Strings slowed things down and took the chance to share some new music he had been working on.

An audience member captured the entirety of the tune “Be Your Man.” The acoustic song features Strings’ clever wordplay that sometimes gets overshadowed by his rocking melodies and unreal guitar solos.

The song slows things down a little… It is bluegrass, so it won’t be heartbreak ballad slow. The lyrics tell a poetic story of a boy reminiscing on past mistakes leading him to miss out on being with the love of his life. The narrator wishes to show the world how lucky he would have been to be her man.

The melody and vocals still carry the classic Billy Strings sound that fans adore.

I sure hope this means that more new music from Strings is on our horizon; if only he will slow down enough to cut them in the studio.

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