Muskie Explodes Out Of The Water Hammering A Topwater Lure

Muskie fishing
Matt Eyman-Vavroch

There’s a good strike.

This is one of those moments that have us all running right back to the water.

Having a fish hit your line is always fun, but seeing one come right out of the water for a topwater lure is the best. In fact, I’d argue that the topwater bite is the best bite in fishing.

You actually can see it happen…

Muskie are a sport fish that are flat out just fun to catch. They grow large, weighing as much as 70 pounds at the very most and measuring up over 50 inches in length. They have sleek bodies made to strike with a quick burst of speed to surprise attack their prey.

Dubbed the “fish of 1o,000 casts,” fishing for these beasts can be slow and fruitless, but is always worth it when you finally do. Fishing them requires big lures and gear they can’t tear through with their razor-sharp teeth. The fight presents an opportunity to test your skills even further.

Muskie rarely jump out of the water fully, only sometimes during a fight.

This video shows a man reeling in a topwater lure, and only a bit out from their boat… a muskie strikes.

The fish is seen sending its whole body right out of the water as it hammers the lure.

Take me to the river… I need to do me some fishing after seeing this.

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