Gabe Lee Does It Again With Killer New Single “Merigold”

Gabe Lee country music
Gabe Lee/Instagram

Gabe Lee does it again.

Lee’s poetic songwriting will suck you in from the first song you listen to, but his latest release, “Merigold” really managed to kick it up a notch.

The internal struggle of love and loss and the feeling of heartbreak is so clearly conveyed through the word choice from Lee.

He took to Instagram right before the single’s release to share the meaningful message behind the song.

“The studio version of one of my newer songs “Merigold” will drop this weekend.

If you’ve heard this song live, I’ve probably introduced it as a tune that comes from the Mississippi Delta. Not only that, this song is inspired by a real story from real folks down in Merigold, Mississippi, and it cuts to the bone.

The goal of this next record is to bring listeners together in respect and observation of what connects us as beings in our shared world experience, the foremost of these things being human emotion.

Tunes like this are not meant to bring anyone down but, in fact, lift up these memories and stories to protect and share them so we might learn to feel more and live in others’ shoes, if only for a few minutes at a time.”

He was kind enough to share a killer acoustic version of the song with us before the studio version’s release, and wow. The acoustic version lets every word sink in as they leave his lips.

The tinge of the guitar adds a layer of attention as there is a pause in words when he goes from strumming to picking.

Gabe noted in his Instagram caption that his goal in writing his next album, which will come out July 14th, is to connect people through the emotions we all have experienced.

While the story might not relate directly to you, the deeper meaning of loss in the song’s narrative is something many have felt in one way or another.

Everything about “Merigold” cuts deep and perfectly highlights Lee’s unique storytelling writing style.

This is a tune you’ll want to listen to and an artist you will want to know. Gabe Lee is going places.

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