This Video Of Lions Wandering A South African Golf Course Makes Up For Tiger Woods Not Playing In U.S. Open

South Africa lions
Skukuza Golf Club

We’re all pretty used to seeing a Tiger wander around golf courses (get it? you know Tiger Woods?), but seeing a pride of lions do it is a little bit of a change of pace.

The 2023 U.S. Open teed off earlier today in Los Angeles, California, and last time I checked, there wasn’t any sort of “Wild Animals Loose on the Course” delay. Thankfully, this video of a group of lions was shot across the pond in South Africa, a far ways away from where the world’s best golfers are currently competing.

It is unclear whether or not these roaming lions had a proper tee time to play a round at Skukuza Golf Club, which is coined the “wildest course in the world” because of it’s location. Interestingly, the 9 hole (18 tee) course is located inside Kruger National Park in northeastern South Africa. The national park houses all five big game animals, boasting an impressive 147 different species at the African game reserve.

It then also hosts (for some reason) a golf course. I’ll be honest, I love golf, but probably not enough to risk my life while playing around lions, rhinos, elephants, hippos, cheetahs, lions, and leopards, just to name a few.

The course even concedes the safety concern on their website, stating:

“Since the course is not fenced-in, uninvited spectators are a common sight, hippo, impala, warthog and baboons to mention but a few.”

I’d say that is a touch concerning. On the other hand, I’m sure the sights and sounds of the course are beautiful with all of the wildlife, so it might be worth a visit to see something like this in the video below.

The golf course took to Facebook to share the wildlife video, which appears to be shot by the greenskeeper riding on a vehicle of some sort (maybe a mower or utility vehicle). I’ve got to say, the greenskeeper is pretty brave to get that close…

The video was shared with the caption:

“Imagine starting your morning round with this waiting for you at the third hole. Our greenskeeper captured this pride of lions roaming around last week. Simba and his friends wanted to join for a game.

No need to watch The Lion King, join us for the real thing.”

Great marketing by Skukuza Golf Club. You should always reference The Lion King any chance you get.

Take a look at the video of the lions making themselves at home on the third hole’s teebox:

Some comments below the Facebook post were torn between being excited about the wildlife spotting and voicing concern for the potential safety risk:

“So beautiful. I’m sure it’s the only Golf course in the world that can proudly advertise some wild golf mates.”

“Hopefully they’ll be gone by the time we tee off.”

“I think I will have a raincheck for that game.”

“Hope they paid a green fee.”

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