Nikola Jokic Has A Change Of Heart About The Denver Nuggets’ Championship Parade: “I F*cking Want To Stay On Parade”

Nikola Jokic
Harrison Wind/Twitter

It’s a helluva time in Denver right now.

The Nuggets sealed the deal against the Miami Heat on Monday night, winning 94-89 to win the NBA Finals in dominant fashion, winning the best of seven series 4-1.

However, one specific Nuggets player wasn’t necessarily ecstatic about winning the Finals…

And it was their best player, the NBA Finals MVP and arguably the best player of the 2023 NBA season, Nikola Jokic.

Immediately after the game he was met with reporters, where he was asked how he was feeling. His response was:

“It’s good, it’s good. The job is done. We can go home now.”

And in the post game press conference, when he found was asked whether he was excited for the championship parade, you could see the soul drain from his body when he found out the parade wasn’t until Thursday:

“No. I need to go home.”

However, it appears that mood might’ve changed a bit when he actually began taking part in the championship parade today. He probably had himself a few drinks to loosen up, and the guy looked like he was having a good time.

And when he addressed the crowd on the PA system, he took back his words and said:

“You know I told I didn’t want to stay on parade, but I f*cking want to stay on parade.”

And the crowd went absolutely BALLISTIC.

Yep, I think we can agree that Jokic is officially the most intriguing player in the NBA.


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