Little Kid Reels In An Absolute Hog Of A Bass In Wholesome Video

Kid catches fish
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Start ’em young.

Fishing is great. Seeing kids experience the joys of life is great, but mix those two things together and you will always have an awesome time.

Fishing is one of the best ways to get out in nature and make great memories. It’s a sport filled with emotion at every stage, where even the heartbreaks of it will have you wanting more.

Really everyone gets out there chasing that same feeling… the moment when you not only land a big fish but even just hook it too. Whether you’re 8 or 80, the whole experience is unmatched.

Another great part about it is that no matter how good at it you are, there can be a whole lot of luck involved. It’s a sport where if you expect to catch one you, might not. And if you’re not expecting a catch, you might haul in a massive bag.

Even the best get skunked from time to time and even the rookies can land big fish.

Taking a kid out to fish for the first time is something many fishermen dream of. Everyone can only hope that the child hooks into a monster that gets them hooked on the sport right out of the gate.

This is definitely one of those great moments being caught on camera.

The young boy is seen struggling as he reels on a big ol’ largemouth bass.

“Don’t let him take it. Don’t let him take it. Take your time son.

He heavy take your time, son. Get him in son, get him in!”

The father is so excited as the kid fights and fights to get the fish close enough so his dad can grab it for him.

The kids smile says it all.

Hooked for life now… guaranteed.

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A beer bottle on a dock