Grace Tyler Puts Together Impressive Acoustic Rendition Of Parker McCollum’s “Burn It Down”

Grace Tyler country music
Grace Tyler

A month ago, Parker McCollum dropped his fourth studio album, Never Enough. 

The album has a number of stellar tracks on it, from “Handle On You,” to “Stoned,” “Things I Never Told You,” “Have Your Heart Again,” “Wheel,” and more.

With that being said, one song that is slowly making its way as one of my top favorites on the project is “Burn It Down.”

I’ll admit, the song sounded a little too overproduced to me at first listen, but the chorus to the song rides, as McCollum sings about burning everything that still reminds him of his former significant other.

The lyrics tell it all:

“Burn it down‘Til it’s ashes and smokeBurn it downTo the smoldering coalsBurn it down‘Til I don’t want you no moreBaby, burn it down…”

And speaking of “Burn It Down,” up and comer country singer/songwriter Grace Tyler put together one helluva stripped down, acoustic rendition of the song.

The Frisco, Texas native has a handful of singles to her name thus far, with the earliest released back in 2021, but has shown she has some serious potential to be a top name in country music with her powerful vocals and impressive songwriting.

And with her rendition of McCollum’s song, she’s proving that she can cover a song and make it her own, all while paying respects to the artist who originally recorded the song.

Check it out:

And while you’re at it, check out McCollum’s “fiery” music video for “Burn It Down:”

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