Aaron Rodgers Says Jets QB Zach Wilson Has, In Fact, NOT “Made His Life Hell”

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The “where will Aaron Rodgers go?” offseason saga finally ended back in April when the longtime Green Bay Packers quarterback decided to take his talents to the “Big Apple.”

I’m sure the air quality in Green Bay is a lot better than New York City right now

Now that Rodgers is getting comfortable in his new football home, he’s become pretty friendly with the Jet’s press relations. The 39-year-old quarterback was recently asked about how his relationship with former “Gang Green” starter Zach Wilson, who the team drafted with the second overall pick in the 2021 NFL Draft.

If you somehow missed that whole storyline about Wilson saying some questionable stuff regarding whether or not the Jets would bring in a veteran quarterback, I’ll get you quickly caught up.

Shortly before New York decided to bring in Rodgers, their struggling young quarterback Zach Wilson said this:

“I’m going to make that dude’s life hell in practice every day.”

Once the trade went down between the Packers and the Jets, Rodgers was asked about that quote from Wilson and strangely responded by saying:

“He’s going to make my life hell in practice. I’m going to make his life heaven off the field.”

Two months later and still no one knows what Rodgers meant by that…

And in the couple of months that have passed, it appears that the veteran quarterback and the young BYU prospect have actually gotten along pretty well.

When a reporter posed the question of how Wilson had been with Aaron at practices so far in the offseason, the Super Bowl winning quarterback (he needs to win one more to get the critics off his back) leaned on his sense of humor to answer.

Rodgers laughingly says:

“He’s been incredible. He hasn’t made my life hell everyday.”

Yeah, of course he hasn’t.

Wilson could barely keep the starting QB job when he was going against the likes of Joe Flacco and Mike White for the gig. Even with Rodgers getting up there in age (still nowhere close to Tom Brady), why would anyone expect a struggling young shot-caller to give a legend like Aaron Rodgers a run for his money? ($107 million in 2024 to be exact)

It looks as though Aaron might be acting as somewhat of a mentor to Wilson, a position that Rodgers formerly wasn’t too excited about when the Packers controversially drafted Jordan Love back in 2020.

Love is now set to take the reigns and lead the Packers this season, while Rodgers moves on from Green Bay for the very first time to hopefully pull the New York Jets and their fans out of decades of turmoil and misery.

If anyone can do it, it’s the “gunslinger” Rodgers, and with the offensive weapons the Jets have, life should be far from hell for Aaron and his new team in New York.

I mean, just look at this poetry in motion:

A beer bottle on a dock



A beer bottle on a dock