New York Jets QB Aaron Rodgers Responds To Zach Wilson’s “Gonna Make That Dude’s Life Hell” Quote

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It was weird for me to type out “New York Jets QB Aaron Rodgers” out in the headline, was it weird for you to read it?

There’s more weird where that came from, because Rodgers made a sort of strange comment directed towards the young quarterback Zach Wilson rostered on the J-E-T-S, Jets, Jets, Jets.

It all stems back to a now infamous quote that Wilson, “Gang Green’s” second overall pick in the 2021 NFL Draft, made when asked about his team maybe adding a veteran quarterback amid Wilson’s struggles and injuries.

Wilson, who might regret saying it now, said this in an interview after being asked how he would feel if the Jets brought in a veteran to be their starter:

“I’m going to make that dude’s life hell in practice every day.”

That “veteran QB” is now none other than future Hall of Fame football player Aaron Rodgers. I doubt Zach Wilson saw that one coming…

Rodgers was traded two days ago to the New York Jets from the Packers, a team he had spent the past 18 seasons with. It seems that the longtime Green Bay QB had seen the quote from Wilson (he actually liked a post of Wilson’s quote on social media), and weirdly addressed it in his welcoming press conference earlier today.

Rodgers was asked if he had seen the quote from Wilson, and Rodgers said this:

“He’s going to make my life hell in practice. I’m going to make his life heaven off the field.”

What the hell do you think he means by that?

If you get your mind out of the gutter, there are a couple of reasonable things to consider:

– Maybe Rodgers is saying he is going to take some of the “NY media heat” off of Wilson, thus making his life off the field more enjoyable?

– Could be a mentor-mentee situation, where Rodgers is going to take Wilson (who in the past has said he’s a big fan of Aaron) under his wing and hopefully make the young QB’s life easier?

If you get your mind into the gutter regarding what Rodgers might mean, there are two very entertaining options:

-Aaron could show Wilson the ways of ayahuasca and darkness retreats

-Rodgers is totally going to go after Zach Wilson’s hot mom, which I don’t think would necessarily make Wilson’s life “heaven,” but maybe it would be in the eye’s of Rodgers.

Rodgers dating rumors have been swarming, but IMAGINE if the Super Bowl winning quarterback were to link up with Wilson’s mother. Watch your mouth Zach, A-Rod will be your step daddy by the end of training camp.

All in all, no one really knows what Rodgers meant by saying what he said. Maybe he’ll explain what he meant the next time he jumps on The Pat McAffee Show. He’s now only a couple of hours into his New York Sports career and the quarterback is already making headlines.

Social media is certainly concerned about the meaning behind Rodgers response of making Wilson’s life off the field “heaven,” and let me tell you, the memes are plentiful:

Here’s the full press conference:

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