Writer’s Strike Will Delay Production For ‘1923’ Season 2

Yellowstone 1923 Harrison Ford

The Yellowstone spinoff series 1923 was a smashing success, racking up 7.4 million views on its first episode, shattering the Paramount+ record.

Of course, when you have world famous actors such as Harrison Ford and Helen Mirren as your two main characters, it’s gonna raise some eyebrows.

Needless to say, it was a massive fan favorite, and fans are dying for season two to drop.

However, it may be a much longer wait than originally anticipated, due to this ongoing writer’s strike.

According to NBC Montana, the writer’s strike that has been going on for the past six weeks has put a delay on filming for 1923 in Butte, Montana.

Production was supposed to resume this past Monday, but the writer’s strike is raging on, and there’s no current end in sight.

So, this means Yellowstone and 1923 may have to wait until 2024 to catch the second season, at least a full year after the final episode of season one.

Hopefully the Directors Guild of America will be able to negotiate and finalize a deal sooner rather than later, but that deal is still yet to be foreseen.

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