Wildlife Photographer Gets Amazing Video Of A Wolverine Running Right Up Close To Their Shack

Meaghan Garrahan

That was a close encounter.

Nothing beats chasing after an animal that you just want to see and having that opportunity. You have to get out there to see things but sometimes it just doesn’t work out.

The wolverine has to be near the top though when it comes to elusive animals, seeing one is always more than a treat and rarely comes if expected.

They are medium animals weighing up to 70 pounds and being 3.5 feet long. But, their fight outweighs their size as they are known to be fearless and take on just about any animal willing to fight with them. They are known to run into fights instead of looking for safety.

They are quick animals that can run up to 30 miles an hour, while also running for extremely long distances.

They use their speed and fearlessness to track down animals over far distances which they takeout with aggression. They will take on anything from deer to rabbits for a meal and do so with ease.

This wildlife photographer had more luck than most.

Meaghan Garrahan was out looking to capture some pics and get a good view on wildlife. Through her time spent in their camp they witnessed a grizzly bear and a wolf pack. Following such good sightings very little more was expected.

That’s just when something amazing always happens out there.

In come the video she got.

A wolverine is seen walking into view and right up past the shack as she loses her mind with what is happening.

Nothing beats a good and rare wildlife sighting. Especially haven’t seeing wolves and grizzlies.

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