Top 10 Colby Acuff Songs Ahead Of The Release Of His New Album, ‘Western White Pines’

Colby Acuff country music
Matthew Berinato

It’s going to be a big summer for Colby Acuff.

The up and comer is on the verge of a massive break through in the country music world, and his upcoming record Western White Pines may be just what it takes to push him to the next level.

If the three singles released thus far have been any indication, we are in for something special with this one as the rest of the album drops this Friday, June 9.

Recently having moved to Nashville with his band from Idaho, Acuff is one of the most authentic artists in the business and brings a fresh sound and perspective to the music city.

An avid outdoorsman, his respect for the natural world and the art of songwriting are both prevalent in his music, and in a fitting video posted to his Instagram recently, Acuff provided some more insight into his upcoming album.

Acuff’s leap of faith to Nashville has been paying off, as he recently signed on with Sony Music Nashville making Western White Pines his major label debut. And while this is sure to be some of his best work yet, Acuff has been releasing spectacular music for a few years now, and already has quite a few heaters to his name.

And in case you missed it, more big news came for Acuff this week as Whiskey Riff was able to break the news to him, along with the help of Flatland Cavalry’s Cleto Cordero, that he will be making his Grand Ole Opry debut on August 1.

With that being said, as the momentum mounts for Acuff and the anticipation builds for the release of Western White Pines, here are my personal favorite Colby Acuff songs to date. If you are not familiar with much of his music yet, take this as an opportunity to dive in. If you’ve been on him for a while, then here’s a reminder of what makes Acuff’s music so great.

Check out my favorites here:

10. “Boy and a Bird Dog” – Western White Pines (2023)

9. “Start in the Morning” – If I Were the Devil (2021)

8. “If My Guitar Could Sing” – Like a Rolling Stone (2020)

7. “Two to Tango” – If I Were the Devil (2021)

 6. “When I See You Again” – Honky Tonk Heaven (2022)

 5. “Last Buffalo” – Honky Tonk Heaven (2022)

 4. “Playing God Again” – Western White Pines (2023)

3. “Western White Pines” – Western White Pines (2023)

2. “Dying Breed” – If I Were the Devil (2021)

1. “If I Were the Devil” – If I Were the Devil (2021)


Western White Pines is out everywhere on Friday June 9, so mark your calendars and give Colby Acuff’s major label debut a listen as soon as it drops. And once you’ve done that, just sit back, relax, and watch Colby Acuff take the country music world by storm.

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