Randy Travis Kicks Off The Launch Of New ’80s & ’90s Country Radio Station In Nashville

Randy Travis country music
Midwest Communication’s

Looks like the great Randy Travis is making his way into the world of radio.

Travis was on hand to officially launch a new radio station based out of Nashville, flipping the switch to the send the radio station live for its first day of broadcasting. What was originally Hot 106.7, is now Y’all 106.7, and it’ll be playing country music from the best era in country music…

I’m talking about ’80s and ’90s country.

Midwest Communications ownership family representative Mary Kay Wright said in a statement:

“Nashville is a market already rich in great country programming, but we feel that this unique 80’s and 90’s-based format will bring country listeners an exciting new option.

It’s such an honor to have Randy Travis as part of our Y’all 106.7 launch. He isn’t just a top artist from the 80’s, he helped define the best of what country music was then and still is today.”

Ron Allen, Brand Manager for Nashville’s 96.3 JACK-fm, will add programming responsibilities for the new brand. He shared:

 “We fully appreciate that the country format in Nashville is crowded, but we believe there is still an opportunity to serve the community and be successful in this lane.” 

The format officially changed over today, and regarding the change, Wright added that:

“Today is a little bittersweet for our family. Midwest Communications CEO and founder, Duke Wright, who recently passed away, was a huge fan of Randy Travis.

‘Forever and Ever, Amen’ was one of his all-time favorites. He would have been thrilled that Randy helped kick off Y’all 106.7.” 

So, if you’re in the Nashville area and have been dying to blare some ’80s and ’90s country music straight from the radio, look no further than Y’all 106.7.

Lets get it going:

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