A Black Bear Was Spotted In The Chicago Suburbs And People Are Freaking Out

black bear
Brian Durlak

There’s many things you’d expect to see while visiting the Chicago metro area, but a black bear is typically not one of them.

While black bears are the most populous bear in the US, with a confirmed presence in 41 states according to Wildlife Informer, Illinois has long been believed to have no black bears. There have been rare sightings in the past, but typically in the fringe areas of the state and officials believe they were just passing through or happened to briefly cross the border.

Well, a viral video from Gurnee Mills shows one of these curious creatures sprinting through a daycare parking lot, near the mall, Six Flags and Great Wolf Lodge, much further in land that any previous sighting.

I don’t know who was more confused and unhappy with this, the bear or the nearby residents, who certainly don’t seem to be taking the news well…Β  just check out the comments on the original Facebook post or a few of these Tweets…

Of course, people also brought the jokes on how to control the wild animal, playing on rumors that the Chicago Bears may be moving out of the Windy City…

Gotta love it.

I’m sure wildlife officials are already trying to relocate the bear, but let’s just hope no one tried to take a selfie with it…

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