Watch Marcus King Tear Up The Stage With His Dad, Marvin King

Marcus King country music
Noah Aiken

This family has got some musical genes.

Marcus King is known for his soulful Southern rock sound. Outside of his silky smooth style, the man can play the hell out of a guitar.

King grew up playing guitar from the age of three with his dad and grandfather, and they all share a love for vintage guitars and discovering different musical styles through playing.

Because of his family’s love for music, they instilled that same love in him, making his career choice easy.

He even noted this from his Opry Debut.

“There were kids next to me that had to ask permission to use the bathroom, and a few minutes later, they had to figure out what they wanted to be for the rest of their lives. 

I still had to ask to go to the bathroom, but I knew what I would be.” 

Earlier this year, King brought out the man that passed along his love music on stage in Raleigh, North Carolina.

Marvin King, Marcus’ dad, is no joke.

This man came out on stage ready to rock and did just that. As his fingers slide up and down the neck of his guitar, he is tuned into the rhythm and has a blast being able to perform.

Marcus then opens the stage and lets his whole band show off their talent during killer guitar solos.

When it is Marvin’s turn, he leaves it all on the stage… it is unreal.

No wonder Marcus can play so damn well… he learned from a master.

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