Two Swimmers Get Caught Between Two Killer Whales In Heart Pounding Video

Orcas swimming
SA Spearfishing


That’s not the creature you want to see on either side of you, while you are in their element.

Killer whales are called killer whales for a reason.

Killer whales or Orcas are the largest members of the dolphin family and one of the most powerful predators in the ocean. They are massive, growing up to 30 feet and weighing 10 tons.

These beasts are not only massive but also incredibly intelligent. They live in pods and often work together to capture prey. They use their size and speed to do everything they can to take out other ocean dwellers.

This is not an animal I would necessarily see swimming straight at me. They would be cool to see but are far too dangerous for that to be fun.

Let alone getting stuck in between two of them…

These New Zealand Swimmers got panicked real quick when they were out for a swim.

The pair is seen swimming in a channel on the coastline. Two orcas are seen behind them swimming straight ahead. The killer whales break apart and each go to a side by the people as they float as still as they can in the water.

They just keep on swimming but that was a little close for comfort.

These beasts are generally very friendly and curious when it comes to people but that doesn’t mean you should get in front of one of these killers.

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