Yellowstone Tourists Put Newborn Elk In Car, Drop It Off At Police Station

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Ron Reznick via Getty Images

When it comes to major national parks, they make it very clear that you DO NOT mess with the wildlife, no matter the circumstances.

We saw a tourist at Yellowstone National Park recently get charged with feeding, touching, teasing, frightening, or intentionally disturbing the wildlife after he tried to help a newborn bison calf to the roadway after it appeared to be injured, and got separated from its family.

The calf ultimately had to be euthanized.

Now we have another similar situation coming out of Yellowstone once again, and this story is even crazier.

According to the New York Post, park officials say that during Memorial Day weekend, visitors literally put a newborn elk in their car while driving on US Highway 191.

Imagine driving down the road and looking over at the car next to you to see an elk in the passenger seat.

The tourists took the newborn to the West Yellowstone, Montana Police Department, though it’s unclear what happened after the elk was dropped off after officials explained:

“The elk later ran off into the forest. The condition of the elk is unknown.”


What were these visitors actually trying to do here? You can only imagine how terrified that elk had to be sitting in the back of a moving vehicle, surrounded by several humans, which the newborn may or may not have ever seen before in its young life.

Not to mention, the fact that they just left the elk outside of the police station instead of walking in and trying to figure out where to go from there tells me that these people may not have had good intentions.

Regardless of their intentions, this is highly illegal.

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