Vicious Grasshopper Mouse Kills Scorpion, Drinks Its Venom & Howls At The Moon Like A Wolf

grasshopper mouse scorpion

Don’t believe that headline? Well, just wait folks. This clip is simultaneously one of the strangest and one of the most badass videos you’ll ever see.

Let me introduce you to the grasshopper mouse, and don’t be deceived by the name, because this little thing is one of the most “hard as nails” creatures in the animal kingdom. Though these rodents are small in stature, generally only three to five inches long, they make up for it with their unrivaled level of tenacity.

These small mice are carnivorous, chowing down on insects (like the grasshopper, where it gets its name) such as spiders, centipedes, and worms. However, where this story really gets interesting is that the grasshopper mouse is immune to a plethora of venoms.

Yeah, that’s right. The mouse can easily take down a scorpion or a snake with no worries about their venomousness.

As you’ll see in this video, these mice sort of turn the tables on the traditional house mouse. Instead of predators prowling on them, these grasshopper mice stalk their prey and sneak up quietly on them right before they attack.

And the biggest part of this story is also the craziest: the grasshopper mouse howls at the moon with a high pitched scream after it kills its victims (or just whenever it wants to) in order to claim its territory. These things are natural born killers, even preying on other mice if they want to.

Move over lions and tigers, this little mouse is at the top of the food chain. Why are they just called the “grasshopper mouse?” We’ve got to update the name to something more cool and fitting, like maybe the “terminator mouse?”

That sounds more like it.

In the video, the mouse squares off against a menacing scorpion and has not a care in the world. The highly venomous scorpion has to be thinking “why isn’t this thing scared?” The advantage is immediately given to the grasshopper mouse.

The little rodent works its way around the scorpion, gets some leverage, and then takes it out with its sharp teeth in a matter of seconds. Then, to just put on a show I guess, the mouse bites into the scorpion’s tail and sucks out the highly toxic venom.

Why would it do that you ask? Because it has evolved to make the deadly venom a painkiller, effectively allowing it to battle all night long like it’s in the movie Fight Club. Following that unbelievable showing, the little thing howls at the moon to claim its territory, and you best stay away from this thing because it is not afraid at all to kick some ass and take some names.

I’ve got the full YouTube video linked at the very bottom of the page, but I ended up seeing it for the first time thanks to this hilariously captioned tweet.

The post reads:

“Thinking about the mouse that fought a scorpion, killed it, drank the venom and then SCREAMED INTO THE NIGHT??? what the f***.”

Now stick around for the full length clip, because if you thought that was crazy, there’s more where that came from.

In an additional portion of the video, the grasshopper mouse avenges the death of another non-grasshopper mouse like its a crime-fighting vigilante. A highly venomous centipede had just taken the life of another mouse, and the “Batman of the mouse species” basically said “not today.”

The centipede probably was thinking that it had another easy kill, moments before the Grasshopper mouse absolutely obliterates it and makes a meal out the creepy crawler. The video doesn’t show it, but there’s a high likelihood that the Grasshopper mouse ate both the centipede and the dead mouse. Can’t let it go to waste, right?

The commentary on this National Geographic clip sheds more light on this unyielding mighty mouse, saying:

“From the day they are born, these mice are natural killers. Insects, lizards, scorpions and even other mice are all on the menu.

It regularly takes on prey as large, or larger, than itself. Making the Grasshopper mouse even more of a stand out is its immunity to scorpion venom. Not only can it withstand the typical, deadly stings, its body has adapted to convert the toxins into a painkiller.

Before it enjoys another fresh kill, the mouse proclaims its territory by howling. The mouse throws its head back and let’s out a high pitched cry into the night sky. Giving it the nickname of the “Werewolf mouse.”

Now THAT is what we should be calling this thing. The “Werewolf mouse” is definitely more fitting than the “Grasshopper mouse,” which is selling the mouse’s ability way short.

And I know you probably think I’m still just making all of this stuff up, but just see for yourself and watch this two minute video that could be the wildest thing you’ve ever watched.

I know it was for me:

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