Wild Pitch Off Umpire’s Face Ends White Sox Game With Strangest Walk Off You’ll Ever See

Baseball hits ump

That’s going to leave a mark.

We’re now three months into the MLB season, and we’re slowly seeing the best teams separate themselves from the rest of the pack while others continue to scrap their way into contention.

We’re also seeing some wild viral moments, like this one between the Detroit Tigers and the Chicago White Sox earlier today.

The matchup between these two teams battling to get back to .500 had been close (and kind of boring) all game long, and the teams eventually went into extra innings tied up at one run a piece.

In the top of the 10th inning, the Tigers failed to put another run on the board, so the scene was set for the White Sox to walk it off in front of their home crowd. Most of the time walk off wins are usually the result of an exciting base hit, or an emphatic home run, but that didn’t exactly happen with this one.

Instead, with the Tigers’ pitcher “in the soup” (bases loaded), a wild first pitch curveball got away from the catcher and nailed the umpire right in the face mask. The umpire fell backwards and went down hard, while the baseball ricocheted out of sight and away from the catcher.

The absurdity of it all caused a lot of confusion, but with it being considered a “live ball” still, the third base coach for the White Sox sent the runner on third base home and the White Sox won the game.

Even if it was in a “that’s it?” kind of fashion.

The call of the game from the White Sox announcers was golden, with the live call excitedly saying:

“Tim (Anderson) takes a ball away and slightly gets away, nobody can find it, and the mystery ball is a Sox win.”

The other announcer, still mystified about what happened, tried to explain the situation revolving around the fallen umpire:

“Cory Blaser is down cause it got him.”

But the other announcer couldn’t care less about the health and well being of MLB umpire Cory Blaser, taking back control of the announcing and saying:

“Well let’s see, the Sox win for now, 2-1 the final, and that should be that, right? Yeah, that’s it.

I just didn’t see a signal because the umpire was down. The Sox will take it, it’s 2-1, enjoy your weekend.”

After that direct hit, I don’t think Cory Blaser will be enjoying his weekend. Take a look:

Somebody get that umpire an ice pack…

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